I grew up in Virginia, so I know a bit about what a great state it is for family fun. You would make a good one. Was I supposed to explain the “sheeple shaming”? I’ll bet she misses the large animals. Lack of understanding of another person’s situation? Poll and love the farm calls the most. I had to work at the clinic that morning, but I was just going to grit my teeth and bare it. Emily Thomas December 10, 2018 I recently took a 4-day trip to one of my favorite national parks in the U.S.—Yosemite National Park. In 2011, she was cast in the Nat Geo Wild’s reality show, ‘The Incredible Dr. Pol.’ But Dr. Emily Thomas made a rare appearance on the show, why? Then I thought of one of the girls working there as an assistant and how I had heard her talk about how weak girls can be in situations of stress. Numerous clients who have brought out water, soda, coffee, some even offered beer or wine. When I first met Mr. Dean, he was an imposing character. Small animal clients who bring us buckets of coffee and doughnuts, buy us pizza, or a sandwich spread, cookies, baked goods for Christmas, even a card sent just saying thank you. Dr. Emily Thomas: A staff DVM at Pol veterinary service, Dr. Emily Thomas left after appearing in the current sixteenth season. I think y’all should write a book now! choices every time? I met his family, felt 100% too grungy to be in this nice of a house and around this much money, but it was so nice to feel welcome, especially when being called out for an emergency. At this clinic, I am the only doctor working and end up being scheduled to see a patient every 15 minutes – some easy vaccine boosters, some very sick, requiring extra time and care. Mother of three, Emily made show debut in 2015 and only grew among fans later. 4/14/2020 8:12:03 AM. You two are an inspiration of how to make family priority. As such, Dr. Emily Thomas’ net worth presently stands at $ 500,000. My 6 yo little girl in a sequined tulle skirt body slammed my toddler to the ground right next to an Amish woman and then sat on him until I could get there. This extended to Tony, picturing him falling from the barn when he was feeding the animals and dying – continue with long emotional “daydreaming”. You could have, literally, everything going for you and can still have a hormone deficiency that causes you to think negative thoughts and even hate yourself. He was a hunter and had his pack of beagles. Best of luck in Virginia. I wanted to yell, I wanted to cry – for no reason. This January, put your resolutions on hold and dive into some great streaming picks. I was inspired by the sermons my preacher was giving over the past 4 weeks and thought maybe I could pass the message along to you guys. Dr. Emily Thomas has been in the show Incredible Dr.Pol for quite some time now. Thanks for the update on the new clinic. Keep enjoying your family!!! Hopefully you won’t have to experience cicadas. Unfortunately, there is no effective vaccination for the feline form. He was a great owner, always wonderful to us, and was even gracious after the fact, knowing that we had done everything we could. Is it fear? At one point, I even found a huge red striped snapping turtle who was super angry and I was feeding it horse poop. And two: why on earth were babies used as decorations and what if a centerpiece wasn’t taken home, would they just throw the babies away?! TOUCH. I cannot wait to start my new medication this weekend. He gets a few saw strokes into it when I decide to help him out by pressing the tree away from the saw to open up the “incision”. She showed the girl a secret passageway through the house we were in and then, when the monster was in the house, we escaped by jumping out of a third story window onto a trampoline. Finally, we get “the truck” to the highway where the shuddering of the vehicle in unison with the reverberations of the busted speakers finally silenced the kids into a fearful submission as I try to ignore the angry drivers passing feverishly since I would not go above 60 in a 70mph zone. The Blue Ridge Mountains are so beautiful anytime of year! Then, like little Cindy Loo Who, India muttered “but why?” When we explained to them about how terrible COVID was getting, they had lots of questions about the virus and the masks they’d been wearing. We are a very intelligent species and are, therefore, more prone to thinking. My kids attended a Lutheran preschool because of the good reviews it had gotten. Are you Dr. Osborn? Sounds like things are going well and what an adorable picture of your entire family. It’s like always having something funny and typically negative to say about your spouse or kids when you’re telling stories in public – if I spent all of your attentive time talking about how sweet my husband can be or how squishy my kids’ cheeks are, you would quickly grow bored and may have to hold back your gag reflex. Tony and Emily, Thanks much for the updates. I hope you can talk her into a Q & A, even if she only does one maybe once a month would be great. Love following your family. Fame and fortune does not equal happiness. Have you tried Zillow. India sings to every tree that it is “the one” and we finally decide on one after, much unlike his choosing a life partner, Tony decides he needs to see every single tree before we settle down. 2,880 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from ‘emilythomas’ hashtag Now, I will report to you on my dreams based on last night’s habits. !”, We went to the Clare, MI Irish festival around St. Patrick’s Day and brought the kids to the craft fair to look at all the amazing things people had created. When I opened the door to put Calvin into the car, he saw my Perrier and shouted loud enough for even Jesus to hear “Mommy, are you drinking BEER?! You made the best choice for your family and that’s what is important. Dream: It started with some group releasing a monster from a labyrinth type trap. You have a beautiful family. Thank you for taking the time to write this, and may God shower you with His richest blessings. Think of your sweet Aunt whom you love and would never want to hurt, and how she might feel when she reads your post and wonders why you disapprove of her so. He found us on the roof and we fired some special water guns at him and ran. I saw the date you’ve set for the live Q&A is tomorrow the 22nd. Glad you are enjoying Virginia, although we go through years where we have lots of snow, and it can get muggy in the summer. Dr. Emily Thomas, MD is a board certified pediatrician in New Orleans, Louisiana. Dr. Emily Thomas is a renowned cast besides Dr. Jan Pol and Brenda on the show "The Incredible Dr. Pol". It’s so great to hear that y’all have less stress now. So glad y’all are enjoying it! Wish you could be our vet too☺️. It sounds similar to the terrain and weather here in western North Carolina where I live, near Asheville, NC (Biltmore House). Since you work at the same clinic as Emily, do you ever get to work with her? But I apologized and said, “No, India, she’s a girl.” India said “No, mommy, he’s a boy, he has short hair” I tried to explain to the girl that India was very into Rapunzel and her long hair, but the woman did not look amused or understanding. Have you tried to bury a statue of St. Joseph to sell your house? !”, DO: “I am honestly confused as to why people would think this is the best way, please, with open ears, I want to hear your thoughts.”. It takes view points from every angle and dimension to make the picture that is our world. We were almost done shopping when Oscar decided to let go of the cart and start ripping things off the shelves and throwing them in the cart. Thank you for continuing to allow us a small peak into your world. I wish you happiness and success! But it didn’t. She was so funny at times, sure gonna miss y’all on the show. Das älteste Kind von Emily, sie nannte sie Indien und der Name des zweiten Kindes ist Oscar, und der Name ihres letzten Kindes ist Clavin Thomas. We wanted a place where we would get some snow, some heat, and a lot of the beautiful days that fall in between. !” Mortified, my eyes attempted to leave my skull as my blood rushed to my face. That owner didn’t deserve that. Last night, I felt like my chest was caving in, every single sudden or loud sound made me angry. People don’t talk about their issues because they are afraid of how others will see them. We’ve been to the top of mountains and to the bottom of waterfalls. Virginia has s a beautiful state! Good decision on your part to move closer to family. I remember the guy saying “ouch” and thinking “how can he say anything without a face/neck?”. And, she is not nearly as stressed or over stretched as she was in Michigan. You guys are great! Dr. Thomas has had the opportunity to travel to northern Thailand where optometric volunteers provided over 26,000 Thai people with free eye examinations and prescription glasses. We all fell in love with her on the show and I watch the re runs with her every chance I get. Emily and I both have a considerable amount of family in Georgia. I don’t know much else about him, but if I died and came back as a beagle, I would certainly want to come back as one of his. Do you guys still keen in touch with Jan, Diane, Brenda, Charles & Nicole? They loved that school and were great. They are like basic cable – you like one channel, but get stuck with all the other crap that comes along with it. Question for Dr. Emily. Join over one million U.S. Physicians, Nurse Practitioners and PAs, already on Doximity. Picturing our trip to the hospital and how I would feel at his funeral. Good luck in your new jobs and home. Jones Beach Long Island is just a 20 minute drive. On to the point! I have grown up absolutely convinced that if I tried hard enough, used my attuned introspection and was honest with myself, that I could get to the root of the problem and address it. I’m having to take the rescue anti-anxiety medication my HD prescribed on a nightly basis (don’t worry, it’s just an antihistamine). Lol. But this time, they looked a little more concerned. We could not even reach into the cage to get to the injection port in his IV line. So glad you are in a happier place. Der Ehemann und ihre geliebte Frau genießen ihre Liebe seit mehr als einem Jahrzehnt. Thank you for writing this blog! GO DAWGS! If you knew that only the people over 55 were the ones that would die, would that make it better? I look forward to hearing about your new adventures. Were they upset about Emily’s leaving or did they understand her reason for leaving? When you go to the homes of family or friends and they have pets, do the pets hide or avoid you if they know your a vet? I still have that bottle on my kitchen counter and am afraid to mess it up by opening it. We are hoping that with the increased money and interest invested in saving our human families, that this vaccine will be much more effective. As I went around refilling tanks, feeding, and trying to find a spot to put the new fish, I just kept discovering more tanks full of fish that I had forgotten about. At this moment, it dawns on me that we have not chosen a tree, but a cactus. 4 talking about this. You may be thinking “what does a veterinarian know about this human disease?” The answer is “Not much”. She is famous for her former cast on ‘The Incredible Dr. Pol’ reality TV show on Nat Geo World. We can afford to save for retirement and take a few vacations per year. So, our kids have a lot of other kids to play with at work gatherings. There was just no escape from the heat in Georgia, and Michigan was exactly opposite. You are making great memories for your Kiddos. I never saw the monster’s face, but he was wearing an open coat that was a rust orange with intricate gold embroidery and was therefore easy to spot. Dr. Emily’s Blog. Dr. Emily, I am loving your blog. When COVID was fresh in the US, there was much discussion on my vet moms’ group because veterinarians have been dealing with a coronavirus for decades with no good answers. The woman checking out in front of them was buying two or three cases of diet coke. I am living in Georgia now, but mainly grew up in Virginia and am a fan of TIDr Pol, so I can relate and am awfully happy for the Thomas family now. Fairy tale brain (guilty)? Our everyday interactions are always fun, light hearted, and pleasant, they are a hard worker and have never given me flack about doing their job or helping out. Anyways just last week my son told me he wants to go on vacation to visit Dr Pols office and come see everyone “in their homes.” He has previously inquired if our dog got hit by a porcupine could we take her to Dr Emily to have “the sticks” pulled out. He is very hopeful to obe day meet Dr Emily. Looking forward to new adventures. There were many occasions where our kids lack of knowledge about soda made us look really bad. If all the paint dots or pixels looked just like mine, the picture would just be one flat, solid color (maybe semi-gloss cuz I’m pretty interesting). It was hard to see, but we had been working so closely with his dog that I knew it was time to say goodbye. We will keep you updated with any new changes as her income continues to grow. There are all of those who have their animal caught and restrained for us when we get there, or let us know ahead of time that their dog or cat has been known to bite – instead of waiting until we have finished listening to their heart and then suddenly have to dodge the teeth coming at our face only to have the owner say “yeah, I thought he might do that” – and ALL the ones that understand that we are slammed with sick patients and don’t grumble at us when we fly into their exam rooms, hair disheveled, 15 minutes late. Slowly, I had wiggled my way back to this day. What ticks are and how they find you, why they are so dangerous, and what to do if/when you find one. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but if you had to look those 4 people in the eye before they died and say “well, it’s only a small percentage”, would you be okay with it? Helping them big things with delivering babies had to be one of the best things about being a vet. The gates were opened on both ends and then me and a small group of people had to flee as fast as we could before he got out. And for that, I’ll forgive his timing =). Unfortunately, sometimes, we have to put up walls of armor through humor, usually dark humor, so I apologize to those who were offended by my last post, but at the end of the day, we’re all just softies who can’t watch movies where animals get hurt, and who break down crying when we watch a Subaru commercial, but sometimes have to use sarcasm as a way to make it through the day. Travel has a long and intimate history with philosophy. I live in NC more in the center so we can go to the mountains or beach in a day. Dr. Emily Thomas was born in 1984. The 2020 Thomas Family Christmas Tree. In small animal, I have dealt outbreaks when anti-vaxxer breeding kennels broke out with parvo as well as the not uncommon kennel cough outbreaks when people take their dogs to groomers, dog parks, kennels, etc. That little puppy was just a little hopping ray of sunshine! Or are you read thru and answer questions as if you’re posting your blog? I watch the show and have always wondered why there were only ever 3 or 4 vets for all of those clients. Evil demonic possession? Sounds like things are going wonderfully for your family. I have been to Front Royal and the beautiful Shenandoah National Park. Enjoyed your post. Again, welcome to Front Royal! We get it trimmed and loaded and drive home, welts slowly growing all over Tony’s hands and arms, he is dousing his hands in hand sanitizer to help relieve the itch. There is a feline coronavirus that is very common in the cat population and causes a transient (goes away quickly) diarrhea for most cats, but for some cats, it can change the way the immune system reacts to it and can cause a horrible death months to, even, years later and there’s not way to test to see which individuals will react this way. Beautiful Virginia mountains, 55 degrees F, sunny. She asked if some people were not able to wear the masks – we answered that a very small minority of people physically or medically cannot wear them, but that was even more of a reason for those of us who can to wear them, to protect others. You may well be familiar with Dr. Emily as the veterinarian of ‘The Incredible Dr. Pol.” She currently practices at Virginia Warren County Veterinary Clinic in Virginia. At 18 months, Calvin was already starting to show his true devious self. Then the owner made the heart wrenching decision to euthanize. You are blessed to have each other, your mini-me lookalikes, and GOD’s nature to enjoy with them. Get rid of your house here in Michigan will help her to smile even more I’m sure! Happy to hear that you guys are settled and happy. Tony feeds into my foul mood by suggesting we wait until tomorrow. Sometimes, through all the stress and anxiety of raising young children, you just have to laugh, even if you are also glowing red with embarrassment. Hope. I was delighted to see that the flower bowl I was taking had some live fish in it. I have always taken fireflies for granted but reading your experience with them has given me a new appreciation for them. Thank you Tony! What is your favorite winery around here? We went the Luray Caverns when we visited her. Emily Thomas graduated from the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine and went to work for Pol Veterinary Services. The wine bottle was decorated with a picture of the horse that I had helped them with. I would like to hear Emilys story about the cow that kicked her at the dairy farm. Very nice and well-written stories, Emily and Tony. The Incredible Dr. Emily. It looked so miserably cold. That is something Iam not good at but you all look very happy and relaxed. I really enjoy reading your blog!! Looking around, everyone in the clinic was super busy giving fluids to a sick cat, taking x-rays of a limping dog, cleaning, talking to clients in the cars (because curbside), and answering phones. The owner rushed this young dog into see us because he had been seizing and would not stop. Find Emilie Thomas's phone number, address, and email on Spokeo, the leading people search directory for contact information and public records. And so, we moved to Front Royal, Va. All the pictures were great, especially the last one. Enjoy, rest, and bloom again! Life is short and you need to enjoy your family now while you can before they grow up and go their own ways. I’d like to hear the story of how you chose a size 4 engagement ring instead of the correct size. The environment around her set a perfect platform and leaned her toward nature. I used to picture me, dropping Oscar as an infant and then just vividly picturing his busting his head open, vividly feeling the emotions that would come with it. I’m trying to talk Emily into doing a vlog for a Q&A post. My husband and I went to college there (JMU), we got married there and 2 of our 3 kids were born in VA. It is truly amazing. I looked at India and just said “India, go get him”. We considered California and Oregon, but they felt too far from family. Dr. Emilie Osborn, MD is a family physician in Palo Alto, California. As always thank you and keep them coming! Happy that you guys are happy and settled in. Be sure to go to the Civil War Re-enactments. Emily and I have had a lot of people asking for an update on our lives in Virginia. You can sell it yourself and save the real estate commission or list it with a realtor at a negotiable commission. She gave birth to the 3rd child on 2018 February. My anxiety started with the birth of my second child in 2014 and has only continued to get worse through the third child and then the turmoil between friends and family over politics despite counselling, exercise, good diet. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Amazing owner and wine! Then, there are all the clients who just make our job easier and, dare I say, worth while by the simple act of *drum roll!!!! I had to stop the encounter before he completely had her in his trance. ALL DAY. Sometimes you just know when it time to move on. We work together at the same veterinary clinic. Dr. Emily Thomas came into national prominence and popularity all over the world the moment she featured the cast of a popular Nat Geo Wild TV Series, “The Incredible Dr. Pol.”Dr. Juynice hensley says: February 13, 2020 at 4:17 pm. Emily Thomas is, in fact, a married woman. He didn’t. One day, they had a dentist come to the school to teach the kids about dental hygiene. Emily and Tony, welcome to Front Royal. I’m praying that your house in MI will sale soon also. Utah State Fair Paint Out. I live north of Winchester and have been wondering where in Virginia you all decided to settle. We would sit on our porch after it had gotten dark, and just watch the show the fireflies were putting on. DO: “I believe that this issue could be handled like this – 2-3 well thought out and *researched* points to follow up for why.”, NOT: “Anyone who thinks this other idea is a good idea is either blind, completely naïve, or just an idiot! Jan 29, 2017 - Watch full episodes, specials and documentaries with National Geographic TV channel online. The pace of our new clinic is much more manageable. Masks should have been instituted long ago for anyone with the sniffles. The woman just smiled and laughed to herself. As a large animal veterinarian, we don’t even wait for outbreaks to occur to start with careful preventative practices such as isolation of dairy calves so they cannot touch each other, quarantine of new animals to the herd, health checks before shipping animals to a new herd, isolation pens for the sick animals, and the obvious vaccinations. Dr. Emilie Cook is a Pathology Specialist in Johnson City, TN. But, as medical professionals, we mostly only get to revisit the cases that are not improving despite the hours of research and brainstorming we have been giving to that animal; who have the call backs from clients complaining or upset; who pour hours of emotional weight onto people; consoling them or talking them through difficult decisions, knowing bad news and preparing to tell the owner who is waiting so hopefully in the room for something “easy” to fix, telling them bad news and just watching as the shock hits them followed by the collapse of their shoulders and welling of tears. I , too, love the mountains!!! I had one client in Michigan, who, upon hearing that I was leaving, brought in a present of a bottle of wine made from their grapes in their garden (not a vineyard), displayed on a wooden wine bottle holder the owner made from wood from their own trees. Not that he was rude, but he surely didn’t take the time for making you feel better about yourself. I am so very glad that you are all happy. Love hearing from you guys. So, Sunday, I start a new medication – Lexapro. Don’t think you can outsmart them. Finally, the owner came in to see him to see if the dog would recognize him. Join Facebook to connect with Emily Thomas and others you may know. They, very well, may not have the same long term threats, but COVID has only been around 10 months. We’re going to be doing a video blog this weekend answering some questions, hope you see it -Tony. So, I stopped crying and went back into the building and started titrating euthanasia solution (pentobarbital) until the sweetest little bulldog stopped seizing. It is awesome to be debt-free! Dr. Emily Thomas is a taken woman for any hopefuls still larking out there. The paint out morning was beautiful. We just found out that you all left Michigan and are now in Virginia. Emily and I have lived in the South (Georgia and South Carolina) and the North (Michigan.) Did the Pol’s read Emily’s earlier blog and if so were they upset or angry? I’m also a veterinary assistant for an equine only clinic not too far from Front Royal, so if Dr. Emily needs to get in some foal squeezes, let me know! Emily announced the news to leave the set of The Incredible Dr. Pol in 2019. Well said, Kathy, and ditto! Dr. Emily Thomas and husband Tony are still very much in love. The worst time, though was when Oscar was 3 and we went with my brother and his girls along with Tony’s family to the St. Louis Zoo. There is no worry about being called back in. There have been farm clients that understand that we are hot, tired, likely deprived of calories. Summer starts in mid February and the heat doesn’t relent until December. I’m a big fan of Dr. Pol and watch it all the time including reruns. Good timing, HD. I have literally watched EVERY episode of Dr. And he couldn’t possibly know that this would also be the time that my sweet Merlin and my oldest cat, Delphi would be starting to go down hill and euthanasia would be on the table for both. When you guys were growing up did you ever think you would be a vet? It took him almost 12 hours to come back to consciousness, but when he did, he wasn’t the same happy, go lucky sweet puppy. Good luck and bless that little family. And the nicer weather. Even though we miss your smiling faces on Dr. Pol, at least we can still keep up with you on your blog. Dr. Emily Thomas was born in Warner Robins, Georgia, in 1984. I love Christmas, but I am willing to respect Thanksgiving as a holiday – mostly to eat dressing and macaroni and cheese. She also participated in a similar trip to Belize in 2018, providing eye care to people in Belmopan and teaching optometry student volunteers. I too have lived in Mi, GA, and now live in Va..Close to Shenandoah River, in Purcellville. I will NOT go further south because of it!!! !” thinking that they were a lost cause and deep down inside, wondering if I should even be associating with them. … We are an intelligent species with a 4D spectrum of life experiences and ideas. They have two children together. ONLY respond when you have let any emotion wash off of you and have had time to consider their side. I ran quickly behind her so he wouldn’t see me and smacked her really hard and then continued to run – because if he even noticed you, he could have you dead. What if Calvin was crying and I couldn’t get him to stop?? Not like not too many smiles that I’ve seen on her, from tv, working at Dr. Pol’s. The temp is up n down but at least not too severe. Hope you sell the house in Michigan soon. We made a heart breaking decision last night to cancel our plans to visit family in Georgia for Christmas.